Assignment 1 | Sun Path

This is a sun path diagram applied on a view taken from the terrace adjacent to Clemons Library at 6:45 PM. At first, I could not understand how the chart shows the sun to be already set when it was clearly in the sky when the picture was taken; however, I realized this was due to daylight savings time. It was in fact 5:45 PM.

Some questions:

What times of year and times of day make up the primary solar window?

Despite obstructions such as Alderman Library, the primary solar window of the site would be all year-round from about 9 AM to 4 PM because of the terrace’s relative openness and position on an elevated slope above Clemons.

How might you respond to this as an architect with respect to the siting and orientation of your meeting place?

As an architect, I would respond to this site by creating adequate shade from the harsh, direct sunlight prevalent throughout much of the day in the southern elevation. Receiving light would not be the issue but controlling it would be. In addition, I would take full advantage of the sweeping views of Memorial Gymnasium, John Paul Jones Arena, and the Blue Ridge Mountains in order to create something that feels open, bright, and full of life.


One thought on “Assignment 1 | Sun Path

  1. vd2sa says:

    Your panorama looks very compelling. I appreciate that you managed to include the actual sun on it. And did you mark the azymuth?
    Love, Victor

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